Dec 21 2009

Der Spiegel reporter tell Inhofe: “You’re ridiculous.”

Kal @ 12:16

Oklahoma is proud of him, or at least some of them are. From Climate Progress:

Sen. Inhofe (R-OIL) has mostly become a laughingstock on this continent.  He’s made absurd statements attacking military leaders trying to warn about the dangers of human-caused global warming (see Inhofe trashes generals who advocate for bipartisan clean energy legislation: They crave “the limelight”).  Heck even the Palin-embracing Washington Post mocks Inhofe as “the last flat-earther.” Not it turns out he’s a laughingstock on two continents now, as made clear in this Think Progress repost. in September, godfather of global warming deniers Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) announced that he would be going to the U.N.’s climate change summit in Copenhagen this week to present “another view.” “I think somebody has to be there — a one-man truth squad,” he said. His “truth squad” later expanded to three, with Sens. John Barrasso (R-WY) and Roger Wicker (R-MS) joining in.


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Dec 20 2009

Nancy Pelosi jet smear rises again in wingnut email

Kal @ 13:14

The wingnuts have been a little quiet lately and I have been busy, but today I got one with this taunt:

Put this in your wingnut section, I dare you!!!!.....(:-)


No problem. The subject was: “Now here is something we can cap and trade”. Followed by: “This is totally disgusting.  We've got to get rid of her next year!!!!”

But on to the smear. It starts out with a nice picture of a jet airplane that links to a Boeing site describing a C-32A Executive Transport.

Boeing jet with US logo



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Dec 6 2009

This Idiot Thinks Obama Was Born In Kenya

Kal @ 00:05

Whoever started this must really hate Obama since he is apparently blaming him for globalization and John Smith’s buying habits.

There are some good points in this wingnut email. Too bad they had to clutter it up with the birther junk at the end.



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Dec 5 2009

No More Energy Worries

Kal @ 23:24

Yet another wingnut email. This one is somewhat plausible, but wrong none-the-less. I have no idea what Lowell’s comment about the environmentalist means, but the most likely outcome for “all that power” is that it stays in the ground.

Thanks to the environmentalist,  How do we get rid of all that power?

Lowell M

Read the whole report especially the end. This is real eye opener.
Subject: FW: Bakken Oil --More than the rest of the World combined



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