Aug 16 2010

Full Employment – Gone forever?

Kal @ 23:05

A few days ago someone sent the following email with the subject: EMPLOYMENT MAP.....Shocking!!!

Wow!!!  Very sobering and enlightening.
Somebody spent a lot of time breaking this down by every county in the country.

Review this Unemployment map of the United States .
This is hard to believe! I had to review this map a couple of times to grasp the enormity of it.

Displayed this way sure brings the perspective up close and personal.
This is scary. If you have a job, be thankful!

Be certain to click the PLAY button in the middle of the map
and take note of the dates above the US map as it advances month by month
! ! !



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Aug 14 2010

Chimpanzee Politics – Might Makes Right

Kal @ 10:56

In response to a wingnut rant email, mostly about how terrible it would be to let the Bush tax cuts expire, I responded with a comment that any discussion of taxes should include what the tax money is being spent on.



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Aug 6 2010

Net Neutrality Jeopardized – Google, don’t be evil!

Kal @ 20:16

We have internet access, but for how long?

According to news reports, Google is about to cut a deal with Verizon that
would end the Internet as we know it by allowing giant corporations to
control what websites load quickly and easily on the Internet and dump
everyone else onto an Internet slow lane.

I signed a petition urging Google to kill the deal with Verizon. Can you
join me at the link below?


Image courtesy of aberenyi at


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