Sep 29 2009

Undocumented Workers Make Him Mad

Kal @ 20:42

Today’s wingnut email actually arrived on Monday courtesy of Greg with a conclusion as follows:

You should be!!!
Pass this along to all the Blue and White collar Americans that are struggling from paycheck to paycheck to provide for their families.
This is an outrage that HAS to be addressed.
THIS is the time to get things started.
We are poised on the brink of oblivion and it will take nothing short of an avalanche to get the bureaucrats to take action.

The body of the  e-mail is comprised of a supposed comparison of two workers, one documented and the other not. Both of these homeboys work at a job and are paid at a rate that their net pay is $31,231.00 per year, the difference being that the undocumented one is purported to get paid in cash “under the table”.

The first lie is attributing 30% of the documented person’s $52,000 gross pay to taxes. Payroll tax is around 7%, so that amounts to about $3,650, Federal withholding is about $4,500, and California withholding is about $700, for total taxes of $8,850. The email figure is $20,800 deducted for taxes. Not even close.



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Sep 23 2009

Family Values I Can Believe In

Kal @ 16:29

Those could be my words if I were more eloquent, but they came from Mike Lux at Open Left.

For my dad, it was his faith that gave him those values. To feed the hungry, to give water to the thirsty, to clothe the naked, to visit the sick and those in prison. To welcome the stranger. To be our brother's and sister's keeper. To proclaim good news to the poor and let the oppressed go free. To show mercy and love kindness. Those are the values I was raised with, and when I hear Joe Wilson from the buckle of the Bible belt scream "You lie" at this President when he is talking about health care for all, I wonder how those values got so distorted.

So, Dad, wherever you are, thank you for raising me with those values and not the bitter angry ugliness of the Glenn Becks, Rush Limbaughs, and Joe Wilsons of this world. A lot has changed since you left this good earth, but we're still fighting the ugliness. But I honor you and all those famous and unsung pioneers for human justice who have gone before us. I am thankful that there were people like you and my mom who welcomed the stranger, people who welcomed Barack Obama, Sr and so many other immigrants who have contributed to the quality of this country, and still are. The next time I write, I hope I'll be telling you that we finally have decent health care for all, and that we live in a country where immigrants are finally welcome.


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