Oct 11 2009

If they are not running things, then it is not America

Kal @ 14:28

Paul Rosenberg wrote another thoughtful piece: Three Perspectives on The (D)evolution of Rightwing Lies [emphasis in what follows is mine]

On Tuesday, I posted a Quick Hit about conservatives' newfound discovery that Bible is full of liberal bias, and therefore must be rewritten more along the lines of Atlas Shrugged.  Maybe I'm just imagining things, but I think I see a pattern here, a definite progression of the crazies. Just before that, you'll recall, there was the widespread outbreak of glee that America had lost the bid for the 2016 Olympics.  And since I began working on this diary mid-week, Obama won the Nobel Prize, leading to another round of conservative frenzy.  So, knee-jerk patriotism and Biblical literalism are suddenly out on the right.  That's got to be big news.

In short, the disconnect is particularly strikingly.  That is, until you take a step back, and see the underlying consistency: to the conservative America-haters: in their minds, they alone are America.  If they're not running things, then it's not America.  It's just that simple. Which is why it's fine to talk about secession as soon as they lose an election, and to make a hero out of a racist backbencher who disrespects the President during a joint session of Congress by screaming out a lie, accusing the President of being a liar.  If you are the real America and everyone else is not, well, then, you can do pretty much whatever you want--and do it all in the name of America.  You can destroy America--just like the South tried to do during the War of Southern Aggression--and if you can do that, then you damn sure can cheer your heart out when America loses in some international competition, even one that brings a lot of jobs with it during a recession.

The same logic applies in rewriting the Bible.  If you're the only real Christians then the Bible says what you say it says, period.  "Who are you going to believe--me or your lying eyes?" becomes, "Who are you going to believe--me or your lying eyes when you read the Bible?"  They've been telling us to ignore the Gospels and think only of Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Revelations for decades on end now.  As with their America-bashing, this is merely the next logical step.

He goes on to talk about the ‘big lie’, and why it is so effective.

… What's more, I don't think it's quite the whole story to say that "the public will view spinned parsings as admissions of guilt, yet accept enraged refutations as ineluctably true."  While this certainly may be the result, I would argue that many people in the public are quite aware of what's going on, whether they'll say so openly or not.  There is a dimension of psychological collusion involved that's very important.  Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and their sort lie outrageously to their audiences, and many who listen raptly know at some level that they're being lied to-indeed, that is why they listen, to hear the lies they want others to validate for them.


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