Oct 22 2009

T-Shirt as Billboard

Kal @ 16:27

All of these shirt images came in the same e-mail. They are not the most obnoxious images that have been sent my way.


I suppose the idea of this first one is that patriotism and socialism are somehow opposites. But it can just as easily be read as one equals the other; that is, patriotism and socialism are two sides of the same coin.  Of course, neither of these is correct by itself; there can be good or bad socialism and good or bad patriotism, and points between for each.

Vote Democrat-300

Good idea. We need all the votes we can get. Bring your own reasons.

Annoy A Liberal-300

That would probably be “fair and balanced” facts and logic from Faux News.

 Spreading The Wealth-300Tastes Like Socialism-300

A little more socialism would be a good thing for the country, but hey, prejudice is more important than what is good for the country.

Everyone Deserves Some-300 Good Speeches-300 Kenya Insult-300 Obama Plank-300 Paychecks Are For Workers-300 Readership-300   Here Comes Change-300

Jefferson Misquote-300

They got this one almost right. According to The Jefferson Digital Archive the quote should be: “If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy.”


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