Oct 9 2009

Republican Glamour Girl Obsession

Kal @ 17:51

One of the most frustrating things about recent political campaigns has been how good Republicans are at reducing  complex questions into sound bites that favor their position and divert attention away from reality. Probably that explains why they chose Sarah Palin as the running mate to John McCaine , they thought of her as just another sound (visual) bite. Fortunately for us all, she turned out to be “all hat, no cattle”, as the saying goes.

Today I got a wingnut e-mail featuring this photo:

sarah_palin000 I'm Going Republican - Republican Looker

Democrats have some lookers, too...

Followed by a series of unflattering images of women Democrats (one of whom looked a lot like Margaret Thatcher – I thought she was a Reagan Reactionary).

That picture does make her look pretty attractive. I can see why so many of those old goats got aroused, some at the contrast with their wives who probably look a lot more like the Democrat Lookers than this hottie with a gun: sarah_palin001  That one was not part of the e-mail; I found it while researching Sarah Palin, the Glamour Girl who turned out to be the last straw for McCain’s presidential aspirations.



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Oct 4 2009

Kindergarden singers terrorize the nation

Kal @ 21:56

Greg sent me an email with a link to Youtube video of a kindergarden class singing, apparently in praise of Obama per the Glen Beck reference, but the sound was not good and you could not really tell exactly what was said. Cute kids though, and no I am not going to link to it. Greg’s comment was:

In case you are wondering why I am getting scared.

I did not give this much thought, but fired back with:  Terrifying aren’t they?  Buy guns guys, the children are out to get you. Maybe some right wing gun nut should just shoot the teacher! Or maybe Glenn Beck set the whole thing up? Come on Greg, get serious.



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Oct 3 2009

don’t get sick and if you do die quickly

Kal @ 10:43

From Firedoglake: Alan Grayson Speaks the Language of Morality, Causes Mass Panic

Matt Yglesias wrote yesterday:

Representative Alan Grayson’s statement that the Republican plan for health care amounts to “don’t get sick” and if you do “die quickly” probably doesn’t meet a test of literal accuracy. . . . But so what? The idea of a hubbub about this is absurd.

I think the real issue—and the real import—of Grayson’s statement is that it involved breaking one of the unspoken rules of modern American politics. The rule is that conservatives talk about their causes in stark, moralistic terms and progressives don’t. Instead, progressives talk about our causes in bloodless technocratic terms.



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Sep 29 2009

9/11 Budweiser and Pepsi Story Hoax

Kal @ 21:38

Greg’s wingnuttia for today had some very dramatic colors and graphics. Who has time for these nutty things anyway?

The Budweiser Story (not a joke) This is TRUE!
How Budweiser handled those who laughed at those who died on the 11th of September, 2001...Thought you might like to know what happened in a little town north of Bakersfield, California.
After you finish reading this, please forward this story on to others so that our nation and people around the world will know about those who laughed when they found out about the tragic events in New York, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon.
On September 11th, a Budweiser employee was making a delivery to a convenience store in a California town named McFarland. He knew of the tragedy that had occurred in New York when he entered the business to find the two Arabs, who owned the business, whooping and hollering to show their approval and support of this treacherous attack.

So as per usual I looked it up.

Trend Micro calls it a hoax

 Topix.com supplies these references:



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Sep 29 2009

Undocumented Workers Make Him Mad

Kal @ 20:42

Today’s wingnut email actually arrived on Monday courtesy of Greg with a conclusion as follows:

You should be!!!
Pass this along to all the Blue and White collar Americans that are struggling from paycheck to paycheck to provide for their families.
This is an outrage that HAS to be addressed.
THIS is the time to get things started.
We are poised on the brink of oblivion and it will take nothing short of an avalanche to get the bureaucrats to take action.

The body of the  e-mail is comprised of a supposed comparison of two workers, one documented and the other not. Both of these homeboys work at a job and are paid at a rate that their net pay is $31,231.00 per year, the difference being that the undocumented one is purported to get paid in cash “under the table”.

The first lie is attributing 30% of the documented person’s $52,000 gross pay to taxes. Payroll tax is around 7%, so that amounts to about $3,650, Federal withholding is about $4,500, and California withholding is about $700, for total taxes of $8,850. The email figure is $20,800 deducted for taxes. Not even close.



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Sep 27 2009

Obviously False Conventional Wisdom

Kal @ 14:37

From Three Types of Crazy

Read the whole article. It makes the point that false beliefs are not limited to “the nutty fringe”.

    (A) We can provide universal health care, like all other advanced industrial nations, and cut costs to 12% of GDP or less, like all other advanced industrial nations, while still allowing insurance companies to skim 30% off the top.

    (B) We can militarily subdue Afghanistan with enough troops and machismo, even though no one in history has ever done this before.

    (C) We can successfully deal with global warming without even trying to reduce atmospheric carbon to 350 ppm, which is what the world's scientists say is required.

    (D) We can fix the financial system without actually fixing the financial system, simply by trusting the folks who helped bring us the meltdown in the first place.

    (E) Money is speech.

    (F) Corporations are people, with all the Constitutional rights that entails.

    (G) Spending hundreds of billions of dollars on weapon systems that don't work, and/or aren't designed to fight enemies that actual exist means you are "strong on defense," even if you did everything human possible to avoid serving in a war zone when your country called. Questioning the wisdom of doing so makes you "weak on defense", even if you are a war hero.

There are literally dozens and dozen of such crazy beliefs that enjoy strong "centrist" support… But does anyone ever thing of them as evidence of some sort of dysfunction?  Yet, that surely is precisely what it is--evidence of a deeply dysfunctional political system.


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Sep 24 2009

Not Yet Not Ever

Kal @ 17:18

Yet another in the wingnut email series, this one with mixed credits. The Shrub came from Murray and Saint Ronnie came from Greg. Looking at these made me think fondly of Bill Cinton, Jimmy Carter and maybe even Lyndon Johnson.

This is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST Email I have ever received.  I'm going to print it on photo paper and frame it. 

miss me yet

But it is better than this one
from https://jeremiasx.wordpress.com/.                 mission accomplished

The email from Murray today reminded me of one from Greg on August 17:

miss reagan 

Seems a shame that no one ever taught him the basics of human relationships in kindergarten.

Same answer though, courtesy of Ron, “Not Yet, Not Ever”.


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Sep 23 2009

Family Values I Can Believe In

Kal @ 16:29

Those could be my words if I were more eloquent, but they came from Mike Lux at Open Left.

For my dad, it was his faith that gave him those values. To feed the hungry, to give water to the thirsty, to clothe the naked, to visit the sick and those in prison. To welcome the stranger. To be our brother's and sister's keeper. To proclaim good news to the poor and let the oppressed go free. To show mercy and love kindness. Those are the values I was raised with, and when I hear Joe Wilson from the buckle of the Bible belt scream "You lie" at this President when he is talking about health care for all, I wonder how those values got so distorted.

So, Dad, wherever you are, thank you for raising me with those values and not the bitter angry ugliness of the Glenn Becks, Rush Limbaughs, and Joe Wilsons of this world. A lot has changed since you left this good earth, but we're still fighting the ugliness. But I honor you and all those famous and unsung pioneers for human justice who have gone before us. I am thankful that there were people like you and my mom who welcomed the stranger, people who welcomed Barack Obama, Sr and so many other immigrants who have contributed to the quality of this country, and still are. The next time I write, I hope I'll be telling you that we finally have decent health care for all, and that we live in a country where immigrants are finally welcome.


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Sep 19 2009

Fox News In Brief

Kal @ 22:16

From Thers at FireDogLake Why Are Conservatives Angry? Because Keeping Conservatives Angry Makes Fox News Rich

What nobody is saying, even though it's really frickin' obvious, is that FOX News has a powerful financial interest in fostering, promoting, and screeching about bizarre paranoid conspiracy theories. They make all their dough off of misinformation, faux-outrage mongering, and horseshit flinging.

A civil debate about ideas would kill FOX News. Acknowledging that a Democratic president who won an election gets a chance to govern would kill FOX News.

"Follow the money" doesn't explain everything. Nope. It only explains 90% of everything. In terms of Fox and the Tea-Baggers, 2% of the rest is racism, and the other 8% is "stupid."


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Sep 18 2009

Flabby White People Party

Kal @ 09:31

By Dmitry Orlov in a piece titled: Caution White People.

There is usually some good food for thought in his posts. You might want to read the whole thing.

But here is the meat of it:

What political interests bind over-the-hill flabby white people to the exclusion of all other ethnic groups?

I happened to be in Washington, DC last weekend, and on the way to and from the National Gallery I had the opportunity to observe the March on Washington, which was in full swing. Once upon a time I had joined demonstrations, not out of some misplaced idealism, but to pick up women (I was still single at the time). The demonstrations were always full of pretty, high-spirited young women, and the context of marching and chanting slogans together rendered them approachable. And so my first question concerning the crowd marching around the Mall last weekend was, "Where are all the pretty young women?" There weren't any! Surprised, I observed some more. What I saw only deepened my consternation. Not only were there no pretty women to be seen, but the crowd included exactly zero blacks, Latinos or Asians. I don't believe I have ever before seen so many middle-aged, obese, shabbily dressed, melanin-challenged individuals gathered in one place!

What political interests bind over-the-hill flabby white people to the exclusion of all other ethnic groups? What is the shabby white agenda? Perhaps the signs the marchers carried might offer a clue? Most of them carried white corrugated cardboard signs stapled to a sharpened pine stake, of the sort designed for displaying on suburban front lawns. The slogans they scribbled on them were of their own devising, but the form factor of the signs was identical throughout. The slogans related to disparate interests: health care, monetary policy, constitutional law. I eventually stumbled on a pile of the stock they used to make their signs. These were printed signs: the printed side said either "Office Space for Lease!" or "Condos for Sale!". The demonstrators would pry the cardboard off one sign, staple it to another sign face down, and scribble on the blank side of the one in the front. These people are refugees from foreclosure-land that somebody organized and shipped in, together with their props!

But what of those in positions of influence who are willing to exploit public frustration and stir up ethnic hatred, all in order to defeat health care reform? Isn't that exactly what we should expect of those who want to continue to extort money from sick people in order to make profits even while the country teeters toward bankruptcy? Are they too stupid to realize how dangerous a game that is? Or do they think that it might not be too bad for them, and that a bloodletting might be good for their business, making it even more profitable?

In the US, politics is a stupid, pointless, but mostly harmless game. Let's all do our best to make sure that it stays that way.