Feb 1 2009

SOL Saves

Kal @ 09:33

This blog is intended to be mostly a discussion of the situation in which we find ourselves, and possible approaches to how to improve our situation going forward. Also expect the occasional rant on whatever gets my attention or tweakes my curiosity.

I think we can not continue more or less as we always have and expect a good result. I believe that it is not enough to "stimulate the economy"; rather that a whole new approach to economics will be necessary. I also believe that the whole world is in this together, and we can not solve the problems of California or of North America without taking into account the effect of our actions ont the remainder of the world.

 It is obvious to me that the resources of the world are limited, and therefor equally obvious that continuing to expend those resources as if they were unlimited is a ridiculous approach to planning.

So, how can we organize the flow of available resources so as to meet the needs, and some of the wants, of the world's residents?

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