Sep 19 2009

Fox News In Brief

Kal @ 22:16

From Thers at FireDogLake Why Are Conservatives Angry? Because Keeping Conservatives Angry Makes Fox News Rich

What nobody is saying, even though it's really frickin' obvious, is that FOX News has a powerful financial interest in fostering, promoting, and screeching about bizarre paranoid conspiracy theories. They make all their dough off of misinformation, faux-outrage mongering, and horseshit flinging.

A civil debate about ideas would kill FOX News. Acknowledging that a Democratic president who won an election gets a chance to govern would kill FOX News.

"Follow the money" doesn't explain everything. Nope. It only explains 90% of everything. In terms of Fox and the Tea-Baggers, 2% of the rest is racism, and the other 8% is "stupid."


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