Sep 29 2009

9/11 Budweiser and Pepsi Story Hoax

Kal @ 21:38

Greg’s wingnuttia for today had some very dramatic colors and graphics. Who has time for these nutty things anyway?

The Budweiser Story (not a joke) This is TRUE!
How Budweiser handled those who laughed at those who died on the 11th of September, 2001...Thought you might like to know what happened in a little town north of Bakersfield, California.
After you finish reading this, please forward this story on to others so that our nation and people around the world will know about those who laughed when they found out about the tragic events in New York, Pennsylvania, and the Pentagon.
On September 11th, a Budweiser employee was making a delivery to a convenience store in a California town named McFarland. He knew of the tragedy that had occurred in New York when he entered the business to find the two Arabs, who owned the business, whooping and hollering to show their approval and support of this treacherous attack.

So as per usual I looked it up.

Trend Micro calls it a hoax supplies these references:


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