Aug 16 2010

Full Employment – Gone forever?

Kal @ 23:05

A few days ago someone sent the following email with the subject: EMPLOYMENT MAP.....Shocking!!!

Wow!!!  Very sobering and enlightening.
Somebody spent a lot of time breaking this down by every county in the country.

Review this Unemployment map of the United States .
This is hard to believe! I had to review this map a couple of times to grasp the enormity of it.

Displayed this way sure brings the perspective up close and personal.
This is scary. If you have a job, be thankful!

Be certain to click the PLAY button in the middle of the map
and take note of the dates above the US map as it advances month by month
! ! !

Organized as we are with so much of self-worth, not to mention economic survival, wrapped up in our work, 10% unemployment is an ongoing disaster at least on a par with the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster. Unemployed and underemployed must be in the neighborhood of 20% here in the USA.

What were all these people doing? There seem to be plenty of goods for sale and plenty of houses to buy or rent. Maybe we do not need so many people working? Maybe unemployment should be 30%, or some other number. Just a thought from the point of view of organizing an effective society.

No, I am not suggesting we make this unemployment into a personal tragedy for those without adequate employment. I see no reason why a comfortable life should depend on having a job producing nothing of value just for the sake of tradition. I am suggesting we find a way to fund a modest lifestyle for those who would be willing to live without a traditional job. The country went to an “all volunteer military” so why not an “all volunteer unemployed?”


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